HEAVY Australian Artists #60 | HEAVY Magazine

ENGRAVED featuring on HEAVY Magazine's 10 year anniversary cover alongside Incrypt and Diskust.

HEAVY dive into ENGRAVED's meteoric rise in the Aussie metal scene and the release of debut EP 'Unleashed'.

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'UNLEASHED' EP Review by Kris Peters

'Unleashed' EP review by HEAVY Magazine's one and only, Kris Peters. Track by track, Kris runs through 'Unleashed' in its entirety, providing insight and feedback on what is deemed as 'an extremely solid first slab of musical goodness'.

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Unleashing The Demons - Radio Interview

ENGRAVED discuss the catalyst and foundations of the evolution of their sound in a radio interview with Kris Peters from HEAVY Magazine.

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Spotify Podcast Interview with Sam Horner

Hailing from Warragal, Victoria, 3bbr 103.1 FM radio star Sam Horner hosts a comedic and insightful interview with Andy, John and Dan. As an extreme ambassador for the Australian heavy music scene, Sam projects his radio expertise on the ENGRAVED trio.

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Do Nada Radio Podcast (Portuguese)

In an all out Portuguese interview, the two Brazilian brutes, Julio and Andy, sit down with the boys from Do Nada Podcast to discuss life as a Brazilian playing in Engraved and becoming a part of the Australian metal scene.

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Sharing A Drink With Matt - Youtube Interview

In September 2022, we sat down with Matt Coase whilst on Tour for an all out raw and hilarious interview covering the life of a metal band in Australia.

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